What Are They Doing While They’re Here?

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What Are They Doing While They're Here?

Knowing your traffic is great, but you need to know what your users are doing while they are on your site. Are they looking at the same products? Are they looking at the home page? We can help you find out what is keeping your viewers engaged on your site.


How to get to your report

Some people that have Google Analytics don’t know where to look to find certain reports. To find your behavior flow report, just log into your Google Analytics account. Then go to your view and click on reports. Then click on behavior, then behavior flow. This will pull up your behavior flow report where you can get invaluable information about your viewers.


Using your behavior flow report

What Are They Doing While They’re Here?

Once you have your behavior chart, you can track the path that people follow on your website. Most, if not all, of your traffic will start on your home page. The exception would be if you have one or more landing pages that people see first and then link back to your site. You are able to see which pages had the most views and which product or service people are really interested in. This lets you know where you need to focus your marketing. It may help save you some dollars by giving you an idea of which products or services are not working and may need to be dropped from the company. It’s always better to be a master at one or two services/products than be average in many. Don’t spread your company too thin with things that may not be working and make your company stronger than ever before.


What Else You Can Learn

Not only can you see what pages people visit, but also you can see how long they are on the page. This tells you if it is just a curious glance or if the content of the page really grabbed their attention. You know then if your content needs some love or if it’s just right. This goes hand in hand with the exit pages information. You can see from which pages people are leaving. Then you know there is something that may need some work to keep them on the site so that you get the sale.


The behavior flow report can give you so much information about the patterns of the people that view the site. It shows you what they are interested in and what parts of your site need to be tweaked to get them ready to purchase. Google Analytics has many important reports that help you to streamline your website to keep it performing like a boss. Next week we will go more into bounce rates and what it means for your website.

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