What Does a Theme Do?

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What Does a Theme Do?

Anyone that has ever worked with a website has heard the term “theme” before.  What does a theme do for your website? Let’s take a look at what using a theme can do and why using one is a good idea.

First off a theme creates the structure of your website.  It lays out the pages and creates the layouts of those pages for you.  You are able to make changes and modifications to make the layout your own, but a lot of the design work is done for you.  This saves you valuable time instead of building and laying out your website from scratch.

Many themes come with plugins that compliment the theme and are used during the build of the theme.  This saves time and energy as the plugins are already installed and customized for the theme. All that is left is to add your business’s information and you are all set to go!

Where to Find Your Theme

When you are starting a website, choosing the right theme can be important.  There are many options to choose from. WordPress.org offers many free, suggested themes. You can also purchase new themes from sites like Themeforest.net or Envanto Market.  Themes can make your website pop without having the knowledge on how to design or code your website.  Most themes are “plug and play” meaning you only have to add your content. The hard part of the design is done for you!

Try out different themes for your website and choose the one that best works for you.  Come back next week as we teach you all about users and how to add a new user to your website.

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