Why Be Mobile Friendly?

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Why Be Mobile Friendly?

You always hear people talking about how you need to have a mobile friendly website. Why, what’s the big deal about being mobile friendly? My web builder charges me more for mobile friendly so why should I spend the money? Here are some important reasons why you should make sure you website is mobile friendly.


Sites that are mobile friendly rank higher.

When Google is looking at websites and determining their ranking, sites that are mobile friendly rank higher. Google changed their algorithms on April 2015 to put more importance on whether your website, landing pages, and blogs are fully optimized for mobile. This has become a major factor in your website rankings. Having your website be mobile friendly is a huge boost to your SEO.


More and more people use mobile devices.

In today’s marketplace, 175 million people are using mobile devices and 62% of those people are shopping online (OuterBox). That is a huge market that you could be missing. If customers don’t have a good mobile experience, they won’t buy from you and it’s possible they will advise family and friends to not purchase from you either.

Shows your business is modern and fresh.

It has become expected for website to have a mobile friendly version since most businesses do. If they don’t, viewers will think your business is not up-to-date and may take their business elsewhere because of it. This ties into the fact that so many people shop online. If they can’t view your products correctly, they are going to leave your site and find one they can shop on with ease. Having your site view-able on multiple devices gives your business more credibility with shoppers. It shows that you care about their shopping experience and that you want to make it as easy for them as possible.


Websites that are not mobile friendly is quickly becoming a think of the past. Make sure your business is not missing out on a huge market. Trust us, it is well worth the money to have your site show properly on multiple devices. Next week we will talk about landing pages and why you need them.

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