Why Have Opt-ins?

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Why Have Opt-ins?

If you are looking to build your leads database, you probably want to use an opt-in form on your website. Digital marketing is a very effective way of reaching your customers and part of that strategy plan is using opt-ins to gain more email addresses. These addresses are used for sending information about your product or service. But do you really know what an opt-in is and what it does for you? If not, you will have a better understanding in a few moments. If you did, think of this as a refresher course.  


What is an opt-in form? 

An opt-in is simply a form where viewers can input their contact information to be added to a mailing list, like for a newsletter or just for general product information. This form it your #1 best tool for building your leads database. There are two main types of forms, single opt-in and double opt-in.


A single opt-in is where people fill out a form, giving their email address, and that’s it. They are signed up. A double opt-in goes a step further and will send an email to that address asking if they can confirm their email address and agree to receive future emails from your business. Having this double opt-in is a good safety measure to ensure you are not caught in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act. This act protects users from receiving unwanted emails from businesses.


Social and mobile opt-ins are different. 

Social media opt-ins are done differently from traditional opt-ins. When you like or follow a page, you are giving permission for them to send you business communications to your feeds. These are always single opt-ins as you have never seen “Are you sure you like this page?” show up when you click like.


Mobile opt-ins are similar. When you install an app, you are sometimes asked if you would like to enable notifications. If you click yes, you are agreeing to receive business communications. These are also only single opt-ins. If you are using the mobile web aspect of your phone, some companies will send customers to a mobile landing page for sign up. If this happens you are back to the more traditional opt-in forms and it could be a single or double opt-in.


Using opt-in forms on your website is a smart and sound idea. It encourages people to learn more about your company and will help grow your leads list. The more people you can contact and send information to, the more they will work for you by telling others about your company. Next week we will go over why it’s important to listen to your customers and their comments and concerns.

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