WordPress Wednesday 23: 12 WordPress Blogging Tutorials

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12 WordPress Blogging Tutorials


Do you follow us on Twitter? Then you know that this month we’re focusing on how to blog successfully for your business. For this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we thought we’d include all of our WordPress blogging tutorials in one handy post. So without further ado, here is WordPress Wednesday #23: 12 WordPress Blogging Tutorials.

12 WordPress Blogging Tutorials to Rock Your Small Business Blog

1.  New to Blogging? Learn How to Create a New Blog Post.easy blogging guide

2.  Want to work ahead on your posts? Here’s
How to Schedule a Blog Post.

3.  Find a typo in your post or want to change something? Follow along with
How to Edit a Post That’s Already Been Published.

4.  Weren’t able to keep up with your blogging schedule but want to show consistency in your blogging? Easily
 Backdate a Post in this guide.


5.  Keep attention, boost engagement, and improve SEO by adding images to your blog. Here’s how to Insert a Picture Into Your Post.

6.  Want to add an internal or external link to your article? Learn how to 
Add Hyperlinks to Posts in our second WordPress Wednesday Tip.

7.  Not sure what a Featured Image is or why you want to add one? Check out
WordPress Wednesday Tip 4: Adding Featured Images.

post a blog for someone else in wordpress8.  Shake things up by adding a video to your post. Here’s How to Embed a Video into a WordPress Blog.

9.  Have your readers started leaving comments? Hooray!
Managing Comments in WordPress is easy with this guide.

10. Is someone posting a blog you wrote on your behalf? Show them WordPress Wednesday 17 so they can Change the Author of a Blog Post.


11.  Have several articles you want to change the author of? Save time by Bulk Editing the Author of Blog Posts.

12.  Ready for your blog to rank on the first page of search engines? Here’s how to Use Yoast to Optimize Posts for Google.

Happy blogging!


Is there something you want to learn to do in your WordPress website?

Let us know in the comments below and it just might be our next WordPress Wednesday Tip!

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