WordPress Wednesday #7 – How To Edit A Page

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Hi and we are back with #WordPressWednesday!  This week we will walk you through How To Edit A Page in WordPress.  This week’s post is great for any newbie to WordPress! It is important to keep your content updated and to do that you need to edit the pages on your WordPress site.

WordPress Wednesday #7 – How to edit a page

  1. Click on ‘Pages’.WordPress Wednesday #7 - How to edit a page
  2. Hover your mouse over the page title you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit.WordPress Wednesday #7 - How to edit a page
  4. If you use a builder like we do then you would edit the builder’s modules, etc.
  5. Click Preview to see what your readers will see.
  6. Click Publish when finished.

Simple right?  As you are editing don’t forget that adding images to pages make your site more appealing.  If you are unsure how to add a image see our #WordPressWednesday Tip #2!

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