If you follow us on social media and read our blog then you know this month we’re all about creating content marketing funnels. And you know that putting one (or more!) in place is going to help you convert more leads into customers – which means more work and revenue!  {Insert Cheers here!}

But, that extra work also means having less time than you already do. Not to worry! This week’s WordPress Wednesday Tip gives you back some of your time when writing blog posts, editing pages, and more! How? By showing you how to save time in WordPress with keyboard shortcuts! 

Ready to add some time back in your day? Great! Let’s get started! 


WordPress Wednesday Tip 27: Save Time In WordPress with Keyboard Shortcuts


What’s a keyboard shortcut? It’s a nifty way to use the keys on your keyboard to do something instead of using your mouse. Just press particular keys together and watch the magic happen! Even better? Although some keyboard shortcuts won’t work across different applications, many do, so you use these to save time when you work in other programs, too!


Note: If you use a Mac and not Windows, use the Command key instead of Ctrl.

 Save Time In WordPress with Keyboard Shortcuts 

Don’t you just love to save time in WordPress with keyboard shortcuts? We sure do!


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