#WordPress Wednesday Tip #10 – Managing Your Media Gallery

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Managing Media Gallery

Ever wondered where all your images go once you upload them into WordPress posts or pages?  This week’s #WordPress Wednesday Tip #10 – Managing Your Media Gallery will show you!  Let’s get started…


#WordPress Wednesday Tip #10 – Managing Your Media Gallery


  1. Every image/document/ etc. that has been uploaded into your site can be found by clicking on ‘Media’ from the main navigation bar.WordPress Wednesday Tip - 10 Managing Your Media Gallery
  2. Here you can edit and remove media items from your media gallery.
  3. To add a new item, click ‘Add New’.WordPress Wednesday Tip 10 - Managing Your Media Gallery
  4. Either upload from your computer or simply drag and drop from your desktop files.
  5. To edit or delete a media item, click on the image. This will take you to the ‘Attachment Details’ pop upManaging Your Media Gallery
  6. Click on ‘Edit more details’ or ‘Delete Permanently’.

Bonus tip, don’t forget when managing your gallery and media files, make sure to add an “Alt Tag”.

Great images are absolutely necessary for reader engagement.  Images can be used through your site on pages and in your blog posts. Our philosophy big, bold and beautiful images work! Not sure where to find images? We’ve compiled a great resource of where to find stock image here.  Another tool we often use when creating great graphics for our site and social media channels is Canva!

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