WordPress Wednesday Tip 16: Setting Up {or Changing} Form Notifications

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Do you have a contact form on your WordPress site? Are you constantly logging in to see if someone submitted a form? Well, that stops today! WordPress has a handy tool that will send you email notifications when someone submits a form! (Hello, Efficiency!) What’s even better? You can send notifications to more than one email account! Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to set up form notifications in WordPress. 

WordPress Wednesday Tip 16: Setting Up {or Changing} Form Notifications

1. In your dashboard, hover over ‘Forms’ and click ‘Forms’.

wordpress wednesday setting up form notifications
2. Hover over the form you want to change notifications for, click ‘Settings’, then ‘Notifications’.

wordpress wednesday tip 16

3. In the Form page, hover over ‘Edit’ under ‘Admin Notification’.

#wordpresswednesday changing form notifications

4. Enter the email you would like notifications to be sent to. NOTE: you do not have to include {brackets}. If you’d like notifications to be sent to more than one account, separate the two addresses with a comma and space. For example:
theresa@raneydaydesign.com, jennifer@raneydaydesign.com

how to update your email in wordpress

5. Click ‘Update Notification’

wordpress wednesday tip 16 setting up or changing form notifications

Isn’t this a great little feature? 


Some older and free email providers won’t allow notifications to pass through their servers because they see them as spam. If this happens to you, we recommend contacting your provider and asking for their assistance and recommendations. Some are able to tweak your server settings to allow your notifications to pass through.

There are also plugins that can be installed on your site that can bypass this issue. However, if you don’t feel comfortable working with plugins, you can set up notifications to go to an email account that does work (like Gmail) and set up email forwarding.

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