Have you noticed that the author’s name is published underneath the title of a post in WordPress? This is a great way to create an online presence for the author.  But what if someone else wrote the post and you’re just publishing it for them?  You’re named as the author even though you didn’t write the post.  Other times, you may want your company name to display. Did you know WordPress allows you to change that.  This week, we’re going to show you how step-by-step! Read on for WordPress Wednesday Tip 17: Changing the Author of a Blog Post.


WordPress Wednesday Tip 17


WordPress Wednesday Tip 17: How to Change the Author of a Blog Post


1. From your Dashboard, click posts.  



2. Click ‘Add New’ (if you are writing a new post), or find the post you want to re-author and click ‘Edit’.

WordPress Wednesday Tip 17 How to Change the Author of a Blog Post


3. Click on the ‘Screen Options’.

WordPress Wednesday Tip 17 How to Change the Author of a Blog Post


4. In the box that opens, click on ‘Author’.

How to Change the author of a blog in WordPress


5. Scroll down the page.  A new box called ‘Author’ should have appeared.  From here, you can select who you want the author to be.

WordPress Wednesday Tip 17


6. Click ‘Publish’ (if it’s a new post), or ‘Update’ (if it’s been previously published).

How to change author in wordpress


The author’s name should have changed. 

WordPress Wednesday Tip 17



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