WordPress Wednesday Tip #2

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WordPress Wednesday Tip #2

This week in our #WordPressWednesday Tip #2 we are discussing adding hyperlinks to your posts or pages.  Here’s the scenario:  you have worked up a great blog post and have it ready to publish.  You realize that the article you mentioned in the third paragraph should be linked to the ACTUAL article (like on the internet…).  What better way to emphasize your point than to link the post to the full article? But, where is the link button?  How do you link your blog to another site?

No worries, friend.  With WordPress’ latest update to 4.5.3 it easier than ever to add hyperlinks!


How to add links in any post or page


  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. From the navigation panel, create a new post (Hover over “Posts”. Click “Add New”).  This also works for pages! (Hover over “Pages”. Click “Add New”).
  3. In the body of your post (or page) highlight the text you would like to hyperlink.  It can be a word, phrase or sentence. WordPress Wednesday Tip 2
  4. Click the “Insert/edit link” symbol from the menu bar. WordPress Wednesday Tip 2 Hyperlink
  5. A Paste URL or type to search field box opens.  Here you can either copy and paste the URL from the site you would like to link the text to.  OR If you start typing the page within your website WordPress will automatically search for it.  WordPress Wednesday Tip 2
  6. After adding your link hit enter on your keyboard or click the blue arrow “Apply”. WordPress Wednesday Tip 2 Hyperlinks
  7. The text will appear blue  indicating it is hyperlinked!
  8. Additional note: If you click the GEAR it will open to more options.  Here is where you can select for the link to open in a new tab.

WordPress Wednesday Tip 2

As everything with WordPress make sure to Preview before you Publish.

Let us know, what post or page you are currently working on?  Have you seen our first tip? Find it here.

Happy Linking!

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