WordPress Wednesday Tip #4 – How to Add Featured Images

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Great job keeping up with our #WordPressWednesday tips! Today we will be discussing Featured Images. Why are featured images important?  Think of these images as the book cover of your post or page.  It can show the tone/ mood or what the post or page is about.  It also provides a great image to pull from when you share your blog to other networks.

#WordPressWednesday Tip #3 How To Add Featured Images

  1. First log into your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the post or page you would like to add a featured image to.
    • Click on Pages or Posts.
    • Hover over the page or post to add the featured image to.
    • Click Edit.
  3. Typically found on the right hand panel of the post or page while in editing mode, locate ‘Featured Image’ section. WordPressWednesday #4
  4. Click ‘Set Featured Image’.
  5. This will open to your media library.  You have two options.  Choose from your library inside your WordPress site or Upload from your computer. WordPressWednesday #4 Featured Image
  6. Either upload an image or select one from your library.
  7. Add your ALT Attributes. (More in another post…)WordPressWednesday #4 Featured Images
  8. Click the blue ‘Set Featured Image’ button.
  9. Notice the Featured Image you chose is now showing under ‘Featured Image’. WordPressWednesday #4 How to add featured images

Always, preview before publishing your posts!

Depending on your WordPress theme and blog settings your Featured Image might show differently as it does on our site.  As you can see by selecting the Featured Image in this post it shows as the header image for each blog in our blogroll. (See Blog page).  It also appears at the beginning of each post we publish.

We’d love to see your latest posts!  Comment with a link to your blog below.

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