WordPress Wednesday Tip #9 – How To Add A Page

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How to add a page

This week we are discussing for our WordPress Wednesday #9 Tip is How To Add A Page.  This is critical as sites tend to grow and change you need to know how to add new pages when necessary.  Let’s get started!

WordPress Wednesday Tip #9 – How To Add A Page


WordPress Wednesday Tip #9 - How To Add A Page

  1. Hover over ‘Pages’
  2. Click ‘Add New’.
  3. Enter Title of your new page.
  4. Add the text first.WordPress Wednesday Tip #9 - How To Add A Page
  5. Then add any media files (photos, graphics, etc.)
  6. Preview the page before publishing.
  7. Once finalized click Publish.

Great job!  But wait, did your page title NOT show up on your menu bar?  That is a sign your site is using ‘custom menus’.  When adding a new page when custom menus are in use it requires a two step process in getting your page to appear on the menu.  We’ve added how to in our bonus section!

BONUS: To add a new page to your menu

  1. In some cases the new page will NOT be added to your primary header by following the instructions above alone. Next hover on Appearance.WordPress Wednesday Tip #9 - How To Add A Page
  2. Click Menus
  3. Toward the top right of the page, select the “Primary” tab.  (We call the main custom menu “Primary”)
  4. WordPress Wednesday Tip #9 - How To Add A Page
  5. On the lower left of the page under “Pages” add a checkmark to the page you would like to add to your secondary navigation bar.
  6. Then click Add to Menu.WordPress Wednesday Tip #9 - How To Add A Page
  7. The page will show up at the end of the Primary menu tab. Click and drag it to where you would like it to appear. By dragging the page to the left you can add it under a parent page.
  8. Once the page is positioned click Save.


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