WP Super Cache

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WP Super Cache

As we mentioned in our blog about blacklisted plugins, we talked about the WP SuperCache plugin. Many servers recommend not using this plugin for caching your files. But why? What makes this plugin so bad it’s been blacklisted? Well, let’s see.

It’s mostly unnecessary.

Most server companies already have caching taken care of. Caching is where a saved image of your site shows instead of having the full site load. This increases your load times so you have the chance of a lower bounce rate. Having this plugin will only slow down your site’s load time. WP Engine actually will automatically uninstall this plugin (or any caching plugin) because it kills your speed and that server is very focused the page load speeds.

WP SuperCache is not all bad.

In this instance, the plugin its self isn’t bad. It stays updated and is a very popular plugin. It does work great if your hosting company doesn’t offer cache services. You just have to remember that too many security options can be just as bad as no security. Some plugins, like WP SuperCache, may not work well when paired with other security options. This is especially true when you start to mix caching plugins.

Some plugins end up on the blacklist not because they are harmful, but because you may not need them. There is no universal blacklist and each hosting company has a list of plugins you shouldn’t use. If you really feel you need a caching plugin get with your hosting company. They will know which ones will work with their servers. Find out if you have any other plugins on your website that they prefer you not to have installed Next week I want to talk to you more about Word Fence and why it can cause issues on your website.  

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