Your Year in Review

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Your Year in Review

As an entrepreneur you may only look to the future, but it’s always good to look back and recap your year. This recap should show you what the ups and downs of the past year were along with help you decide where you want the upcoming year to go. To really succeed, you need to have direction. Let’s look at the best way to format your recap to give you the best information.


Know what your intentions are 

When looking back, you need to know what you are looking for in your recap. You need to be objective and not be emotionally driven as you evaluate how your business has been performing. Try to celebrate wins and to learn from disappointments. Set questions that you want specific answers to. What affected your growth? What were your disappointments? What strategy did you try and how can you turn those disappointments around? What expenses were unexpected and how can you be better prepared for next year? The answers to these questions could impact how your business functions going forward.


Take breaks

Looking back at your business successes and failures can be stressful. You need to realize it’s going to take some time. Don’t try to rush it, it won’t be done all in one day. Make sure you take breaks and step away. Taking this time-out will help you stay objective. Don’t sell yourself short. You and your business are amazing, and you are only going to continue to grow.


Review your goals and follow up with your employees

Take your recap and review how that will impact your goals. You may need to add or adjust your goals for the next year. Take time to follow up with your employees and make sure you and your team are all on the same page. Nothing will throw a wrench in the works more than having someone not understanding what the plan is.


Recapping your business year is like reading the history of your business. You can see where you may have stumbled and where you soared. Like any history, it will allow you to learn and grow as a boss and a business. Your recap should get you excited to make this new year your year to grow and shine and say “Hello 2019, I am here and this is my time.”

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